After releasing their cathartic dark psych blues epic Outside the Dream in 2019 No Man’s Valley played a couple of shows and then the world stopped turning. In the midst of the global pandemic the band stayed alive by using modern technology to keep on writing and dreaming. It was quite ironic that as the band’s members had found a new vitalization their flow was once again so rudely disturbed. And yet, this did not keep them from their goal. Slow but steadfast, mindful and in harmony with each other and nature, they proceeded their work. The path was as important as their goal, and so they kept on plodding, plotting, and working on their new album. Which turned out to become two short albums in one: the songs that were written separately from each other got bundled in -Chrononaut Cocktailbar-. While after being happy to be back together No Man’s Valley bundled all their live power into one massive song called Flight of the Sloths, verily a beast on its own.The two sides of the album perfectly shows the two wolves that are inside the band: one wolf likes to write songs with solid structure and melody, while the other wolf likes to go absolutely nuts when it comes to progressive creativity. This has always been the case for No Man’s Valley, but never before was the contrast so stark, the dark and the light, the softness and the aggressiveness. In these two counterparts No Man’s Valley have found their peace, and this album is the result of that. See the smile of the sloths


No Man’s Valley’s sound is hard to catch into the right words. Psychedelic sounds that hark back to the times of The Doors and Pink Floyd battle for attention with dark post punk in the alleys of The Gun Club and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds. Sometimes danceable, sometimes introverted, always exciting and a little weird. Close your eyes, and let yourself be guided to No Man’s Valley…

2016 Time Travel  ~ LP, Nasoni Records2019 Outside The Dream ~ LP, Tonzonen Records2024 Chrononaut Cocktailbar / Flight of the Sloths ~ LP, Tonzonen Records2018 Freak Valley FestivalOver 140 shows all over EuropeSupports for bands like The Stranglers, Giobia, DeWolff, The Doors Alive, Rotor, Samavayo, Electric Moon, Naxatras
No Man’s Valley -2024: Dinand Claessens (drums), Rob Perree (bass), Christian Keijsers (guitar), Ruud van den Munckhof (keys), Jasper Hesselink (vocals)